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Embed chat rooms in your site.

Create rooms for each of your accounts, customers, pages, students, or anything else you can imagine.

Add chat in minutes, instead of months of custom development and maintenance.

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Your Application
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roomlio embed code
Your logic, your rooms
Create embedded chat rooms based on your logic.
Roomlio desktop and mobile apps
Web app for operators
Desktop/mobile optimized web app for operators.
reduce support costs with chat
Reduce support costs
Let your users help each other, jump in if needed.
lightweight embed code
Extremely lightweight
Embed code is blazing fast, less than 50kb.

Add chat rooms for live chat.

Create rooms for each of your customers, projects, pages, or anything else you can imagine.

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Use rooms for any purpose

Rooms can be used for live chat, Twitch style chat for videos, rooms for pages, subscribers chatting with experts. You can segment rooms by anything you want, by account, user, students, departments on intranet, geographic area, and more.

Manage all the rooms

Use the Roomlio app shown on the left to manage all your rooms. Web, desktop and mobile friendly, lightweight blazing fast web application.

Less tools required

No need to use several different apps, just put chat inside existing company dashboards, teacher's pages, admin panels, intranet, CRMs, and more. Offer chat, keep your branding.

The world is moving to chat.

Working from home, remote learning, or instant asynchronous support. People want chat, not email or phone.

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embed chat in website

Everyone is chatting in their personal life and now expect the same from the organizations they are interacting with. Don't recreate the wheel, use Roomlio chat software, you provide the benefits instantly to your users and maintain your brand.

Save time, improve satisfaction

Operators can handle many chats simultaneously compared to phone calls. With Roomlio you can even create rooms and let your users help each other, you can jump in as needed. By creating rooms for each account, account managers can respond to their customers instantly.

Create additional revenue

Experts can create new revenue offering paid upgrades to chat directly with them to instantly answer their questions.

How does it work?

Signup for the free trial, grab embed code, place in your application html code.


Click the Sign Up link at top of the page, enter your info to start your free trial period.

Get the embed code

There are two different modes to embed code. You can statically embed a single room. Create a room, eg. "support" and use the menu for that room to grab embed code. Or go directly to Settings > Embed Code and use that to dynamically create rooms based on your own logic. Instructions are inline to walk you through the simple process.

Install and start chatting!

Place the embed code directly in the html of the pages you want to host the chat rooms. A developer is required for this, but is a very simple and quick process. That is it, your users can start chatting and you monitor from Roomlio app!

Have a WordPress site?

We have a plugin you can use! Just copy and paste a few values into the plugin settings and you'll be off and running. For more details, visit our WordPress Plugin doc page.

roomlio embed code
roomlio embed code

Fast, Secure, No 3rd party trackers.

Signup, copy embed code, and paste into your site html. No impact to your site's performance.

Simple, fast installation

Can install quick and modify via API. Extremely lightweight, smaller than react by itself, loads fast, great browser support, small javascript bundle size (less than 50kb).

Secure and Private

We believe you own your data. We don't ship off your data to 3rd party trackers. Request to delete your data anytime. Also, the majority of our javascript runs in an iframe.

Real people are here to help

If you have any trouble installing or using Roomlio, reach out to us via chat and we usually respond instantly or within same day.

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