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Embed Chat in your website easily using Roomlio's embed code. Leverage our JS API to make the embedded chat feel like part of your application.

Using Roomlio chat software you can easily embed a group chat room inside your web pages or web app. Rooms can be used for live chat, Twitch style chat for videos, rooms for students, pages for subscribers, customer portals/dashboards, or anything else you can think of!

Roomlio allows you to quickly and easily embed a multi-user chat room inside your webpages. Rooms can be embedded in any standard webpage using our easy iframe implementation.

Some use cases

  • Embed a group chat room for a conference
  • Embed chat next to a video live stream
  • Embed a chat room inside a customer portal/dashboard
  • Embed a chat room for a group of students collaborating on a project.
  • Anything else you can imagine!

Install steps

Roomlio takes just minutes to signup and get up and running.

Step 1. Signup for Roomlio

Step 2. Get the Embed Code

Step 3. Install the Embed Code inside your webpage and start sending messages!

Create rooms dynamically with our API

Save time by automatically creating rooms dynamically using our simple Javascript API. For example, creating a room automatically for a user logged into a customer portal/account dashboard. When a user sends a message rooms will automatically appear in our admin app so you can respond to them immediately. If you prefer not to create rooms dynamically you can easily create them manually in our app. If you don't feel comfortable using our JS API or don't have existing users logged in, you can leverage our easy to use Geo Identification or ask for custom fields to use for user names.

User Authentication API

With our User Identification API, you can securely identify users before they start chatting.

Desktop/Mobile App to manage all the rooms

Use our Admin App to manage all the rooms in one place and easily switch between them. The Roomlio app is a Progressive Web Application (PWA). That means it is a lightweight web app that behaves like traditional apps but does not require installing and updating. Unlike a lot of chat apps, it does not require or use Electron at all.

Lightning Fast and Scalable

Our widget code is extremely lightweight (smaller than React by itself) It loads fast, has great browser support and small Javascript bundle size (less than 50kb).

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