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Welcome to Roomlio

Add chat to your sites without months of custom development and ongoing maintenance.

Focus on what you do best, maintain your brand

Welcome to Roomlio, we are glad you are here. I am John Eberly, the founder of Roomlio. I have been working in the software and tech industry for over 20 years, including founding a few other software companies. Based on all of this previous experience, I have seen how important it is to eliminate barriers to let people get answers to their questions or provide feedback to others. Over the years this was traditionally done via snail mail, phone calls, faxes, and then emails. But now more and more people, companies and organizations are preferring to use chat. This is why we created Roomlio.

People are used to chatting with their friends and family, and they are increasingly wanting the same from the companies, organizations and communities that they interact with. Especially with the accelerated movement to remote work and learning, chat is a great method for keeping in touch and getting questions answered.

We don't have a fancy mission statement, we aren't claiming we can save the world. Our mission is what it is.

Our Mission

Make it easy for companies and organizations to add chat to their sites so they can communicate better with their customers, students, co-workers, or fellow community members. Keep Roomlio as simple and straight forward to use as possible.

Who we are. We are real people trying the best we can to make a product we would want to use (because we do) and listen directly to our customers for feedback to continually improve the product. We are a remote only company. We have been working remotely for over 10 years and use those experiences to shape the product. Roomlio HQ is in Seattle USA, but we are all free to live and work from whereever we want. Our team is currently located in Victoria and Vancouver in Canada, Omaha and Seattle in USA.

We try our best to run a no BS company. We don't have any standing meetings, we do the majority of our communication asynchronously via chat or long form documents to help keep us efficient as a remote team spanning multiple timezones. We occasionally have audio/video calls only when the situation warrants it. We treat our customers like we would want to be treated. We don't send your data to any 3rd party analytics companies like Google or Facebook. You can cancel anytime, and request that any personal identifying data is deleted.