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Roomlio Notifications

Email Notifications

Roomlio allows you to keep your app and embed users informed of messages that they have missed by sending them an email. If a user happens to be away from a room that they belong to, Roomlio will automatically send an email to them that will have a link back to the room in question.


To utilize this feature you first have to make sure Roomlio has an email for your user. One way of attaching an email to a user is to send in the email when you are registering the user in the rml('register') or rml('registerSecure') API calls.

// Sample rml('register') call with an email
rml('register', {
  roomElementID: '<your-div-id-to-replace-with-embedded-room>',
  options: {
    // Room options
    roomKey: 'royals1234',
    roomName: 'Royals-Baseball',

    // User options
    userID: 'abc1234',
    displayName: 'salvi',
    first: 'Salvador',
    last: 'Perez',
    email: '<user email here>', // HERE IS WHERE TO PASS IN THE EMAIL
    traits: {
      color: 'blue',
      account: 'acct1234',
      plan: 'pro',

If you're leaving the user naming up to Roomlio or just don't want to send in the email via one of the register calls, you can use Roomlio's user identify form and ask your user to supply an email. The user identify form can be enabled on the User Identify Form tab of the app's widget settings (be sure to enable the email option and turn on the form). Or you can send in a selfIdentifyFormFields option in the rml('config') API call to enable the user identify form if you would rather not rely on the Roomlio app (NOTE: the selfIdentifyFormFields option in the config call will override the User Identify Form settings in the app). Then when a new user of the room focuses on the message input form, they will be prompted to fill out the user identify form with their email. The "I want to receive email notifications" checkbox will need to be checked when the new user submits the form to give Roomlio permission to send them an email.

allow email notifications

Then, when the user steps away from the room they will be notified by email when new messages come into the room. The user will be able to click a button in the notification email to navigate back to the room on your page.


App users will already have an email since one is required to use the Roomlio app. To enable email notifications, just go to Settings > Notifications in the app and toggle Email to "ON". Then if the app user misses a message in a room in which they are a member, a notification email will be sent and the app user will be navigated to that room when they click the button in the email.

enable email notifications


An embedded user can opt out from receiving email notifications four different ways:

1. Unsubscribe via the "Unsubscribe" link in the notification email.

2. Toggling off the room menu Email Notifications toggle.
enable email notifications

REMEMBER: if there is no email associated with the Roomlio user, they will not see any of the Email Notifications toggles.

3. Toggling off the room top bar Email Notifications toggle (Optional).
enable email notifications

The room top bar email notifications toggle can be switched to a bell icon by sending in the topBarNotificationsToggleType: 'bellIcon' option in the rml('config') API call. Also, this toggle can be hidden by sending in the topBarNotificationsToggle: false option in the same rml('config') call.

4. Unchecking the Edit Profile form (aka self identify) "I want to receive email notifications" checkbox which can be access by selecting Edit Profile in the top right room menu.
enable email notifications

App users can disable email notifications by either unsubscribing via the "Unsubscribe" link in the email notification or by going to Settings > Notifications in the app and toggling Email to "OFF".

Push Notifications

Roomlio doesn't have push notifications right now.